Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nonviolent Nonsilence

JM is presenting this blog by Keepers from their blog because of the seriousness it directs to other multiples and survivors on the internet

Last night, keepers realized that Robert Fiebiger (our former therapist) has become active on Facebook. In all honesty, keepers have tried (very hard) to keep from ever, actually, placing this man's name on our blog. For obvious reasons, keepers see his name as having such bad karma that we do not want it associated with KK any more than necessary. However, keepers find it cause for very serious concern that this man is now attempting to make contact and develop friendships over the internet. We are concerned enough about this situation to post his name here on our blog--for those who choose to not read our "matter of public record papers" in our case against MR. Fiebiger. (I have capitalized the MR. because this therapist had keepers call him Dr. much of the time and because there are two separate places on the internet that address him as Dr. Robert Fiebiger. The truth of the matter is that he is qualified only to be called MISTER. He has no qualifications that make him deserving of the title Dr.) The name needs to be known so that multiples understand the dangers of him being active in cyberspace and are aware of the grave harm he can intentionally do to a trusting MPD/DID patient.

In his professional status, while working as keepers therapist of record, this man wrote one of our alters a letter of a very sexual nature which was not only unethical but crossed every boundary of the therapeutic relationship. If he did this to keepers under the guise of being our therapist, he would have no qualms at all about approaching any multiple on a sexual level via the internet. This man, also, built our therapeutic relationship on the basis of telling keepers he was a multiple, himself. The names of some of the alters he claimed to have are listed in our public papers. If he would feign multiplicity to suck keepers in and gain our trust in therapy, he would have no qualms at all about doing the same thing with a multiple over the internet. Of course, he was convicted on two other counts than the ones I have just mentioned but these are the two behaviors he has that cause us serious concern about him being active in the cyberworld where he could attempt to gain the trust of another multiple and do the same type of permanent harm he did to keepers under the umbrella of his professionalism. It seems to us that, if he did not possess the integrity to act as a competent therapist in his professional life, there is no reason to believe he would display such integrity while dealing with people on the net, either. A point of interest to you may be the fact that Robert Fiebiger chose to not appear in his own defense at the hearing held concerning our case. His failure to appear greatly limited the information presented in court which greatly limits how much keepers can say here about the horrors of any multiple having dealings with this man.

In today, keepers lives are what they are. The damage this therapist did to our marriage is something JM and keepers have to struggle with every single day. The damage this therapist did to keepers relationships with our external children has brought about the greatest loss keepers could have ever experienced. The damage this man did to keepers abilities to trust can not be put into words. The sad thing is that our official papers state that he willfully and purposefully did such grave harm to keepers. That is such a sad thing for any multiple to have to live with. To know that the therapist we trusted did this kind of grave harm to us on purpose. The fact that he handled his professional life this way speaks volumes about how little integrity he would have in his personal life or, worse yet, out there in cyber space.

Keepers have written this blog with his name stated clearly so that, as many multiples as possible, know to recognize the name Robert Fiebiger and remember the immense harm he did to keepers before making contact or developing a relationship with him in any way. We sincerely hope that our cyber friends will take this alert seriously and "stay safe" should the name Robert Fiebiger ever appear in the comments on your blog or anywhere else in your cyber life.

Peace and Blessings,


Friday, November 14, 2008

Alert Regarding Keepers Former Therapist

ALERT: Keepers former therapist has become active on facebook. Here is a link to what he did, please use extreme caution if you run across him.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Something Is Rotten

A dear friend of keepers and myself, a woman who is a multiple, a woman we helped a year ago when her apartment flooded, a woman whose state appointed agency did nothing then to help her, a woman who keepers talk with every day, day in day out, has literally been buried alive in the system or it at least looks that way. They know each other, they trust each other, KK and keepers have helped them through some very rough times and this dear lady appreciates keepers and supports Keepers and KK emotionally and spiritually.

After KK and an affiliate ministry put her up for 3 days to get away from her mold infested apartment KK actually wrote to the state attorney general and lo and behold several months later, the case worker, the case manager and the caretaker were all fired or quit. Word was that the attorney general was investigating the caretaking company and was cleaning house. The only two we know of to not be replaced were the therapist, who is a social worker and the medical psychiatrist. New people were assigned to her case and things appeared to be turning around.

Keepers and her therapist had corresponded via emails, the therapist having no knowledge of MPD was asking Keepers for directions in things to read , who to read, etc and thanked Keepers for the friendship and assistance they offered to this lady.

The therapist was leaving this caretaking company and offered to take our friend to her private practice so she could continue to see her but all the rest would be handled by this organization, the caretaking, the caseworker, etc.

Suddenly things began to change, our friend told keepers they felt their T was threatening to hospitalize her or put her in a group home. She was in a group home and was raped and abused there so that was not an option as far as she was concerned.
This caretaking company was supposed to be sure our friend was taken to the grocery store to buy her groceries, taken to a laundromat to do her laundry and get help. She needed help because she has fibro, asthma, and several other physical infirmities. They do not do this on a constant basis. When her apartment was flooded her doctor gave her a letter to give to the apartment manager because the mold was not not being cleaned up nor was the flooding fixed, every time it rains halfway heavily her apartment flooded again. It took the case manager a week to get to our friend who was too sick to walk to the apartment managers office and give them the letter from the doctor for our friend.

Now, this past Thursday this lady called Keepers and also sent Keepers an email with a link in it. She received it from her therapist and was told to read it very thoroughly. It is a paper that presents a whole bunch of "reasons" for MPD/DID ranging from severe sexual abuse to alien abduction, to government CIA covert programs to SRA, from demon possession to therapist created. To say this upset her would be an understatement. On Friday morning she called Keepers to say goodbye, her T has called her, the case manager or worker was on their way to her apartment to take her to a state hospital! Keepers said she sounded drugged to a degree, her voice had no emotion, no feelings, very monotone.

Something about this whole thing smells to high heaven in my opinion. I want to write to the attorney general again but we have absolutely nothing concrete to send them. Let's be honest, we all have read horror stories about mental hospitals, much less a state hospital, and this woman is suddenly placed away. She has no family near her, no one to say, "where are you?" "Are you safe?" and that is rotten and disgusting and so offensive, that a person can be buried alive and swept under a carpet of bureaucracy.

This is not a happy trail


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to the Weblog

OKAY!!!! Andrzej our webmaster got the blog fixed, screw the hacker from Turkey(!!), and Keepers are back to blogging on the website blog over at Keepers Korner.

There are some changes being made there because to be quite honest not enough time or money to do everything we have been trying to do, not at this point in time anyway. So some services are being put on hold for now and some visiting of sites will be minimized to make time for Keepers to talk with people on the phone and answer emails, etc.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far

Happy trails


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Backup Time

Keepers are going to be posting at the backup blog until further notice. Why? The main blog got hacked again, this time by some knucklehead in Turkey! He was quite proud of it though I don't know why. Until Andrzej our webmaster and Wordpress can reset passwords and such we will have to move any new blogs to the old blog site, which is the backup blog. The address is on the sidebar, just click it or click here,
keeperskorner backup blog

Sorry for the inconvenience

happy trails


Thursday, August 07, 2008

People Who Don’t Get It

There are a lot of people in my life who just don’t get it. The “it” is that my wife, your mother, your daughter in law, your granddaughter in law, your sister, your niece, your cousin, I think you get my point, deserves to be respected, but you don’t get that.

Today Keepers called me from home as the mail arrived, and in that mail was a note from my father’s current wife, addressed to me only, it was written to me only, no Mr and Mrs or J and T just me. One can imagine how that made Keepers feel. The note was to tell me they lived in so and so city and my dad was okay and we must have changed our phone number and not told anyone (duh!). In between Keepers hurt and anger over being neglected and treated as though they don’t exist I told them to put it in the trash since that is where it belongs.

I have walked away from my family and from most of hers for this one very big reason, they treat Keepers like they do not exist or with no respect at all. We quit visiting my grandmother as she constantly picked on Keepers and made snide remarks about the smallest of things. She passed away last November a cold, bitter and lonely person who had turned to our son for whatever reason and now he will inherit whatever she had left of her savings. I could have played her sick game and continued to ignore that she ignored Keepers or made her typical snide comments, it was not worth it in any way, shape or form.

I gave in to our kids behaviors for a long time and I finally saw the error of my ways which in turn got me exiled from their lives just as Keepers had been, big deal. I would rather be with keepers than our kids and grandkids and have to put up with them and their manipulative and abusive behaviors.

I will continue to proudly stand at Keepers side, alone if need be, and walk together with them and whoever else chooses to be with us as we continue this journey. I honestly believe these people do not get it. Keepers have one brother I enjoy and feel he understands, but he is the only one who faced himself and quit drinking and carousing and went back to his wife and has entered therapy to examine his motivations. Yes he was abused also as was all of Keeper’s siblings and he has begun his own journey of healing. He recognizes the games and the fact that these people who are so lost in their games truly cannot ever get well, not until they stop the abusive and mean and cruel behaviors they currently exhibit which won’t happen until they get help and perform deep soul searching.

Keepers and JM are not perfect by any means, we never claimed to be, but we do know we are on a safer and saner path than we have ever been on before and that is what these others do not and cannot get. In their eyes, if you are different than them in your behavior and what you accept and what you tolerate and respect then you cannot be a part of their world. You do not fit in.

I am glad we do not fit in their world, I don’t want to be a part of it with it’s using people, whether for money or sexual gratification or power mongering or self denial or whatever, to me I cannot be friends or friendly with people who constantly hurt the person I love more than anything or anyone else..

I know there were times I disrespected Keepers and for those times I have apologized and I am truly sorry I did what I did. Until these other people can apologize, from their hearts and truly treat Keepers differently, I will not be a part of their lives in any manner. My place is here with the people I know as Keepers. I am glad I get it.

Happy trails


Monday, July 28, 2008

A Celebration of Birth and of Life

This Friday, August 01, is the birthday for Keepers, the birthday of the little baby from where the Keepers came. A baby so unloved and disrespected by her parents that she began to split off almost right away, a baby that has grown very little over the years and a baby I am pleased to have met and held and cuddled. She is as cute as can be and I love her with all my heart. I wish I could see her more than I do but I hope she knows how much I love her and care about her and want to protect her and wish I could have protected her so many years ago. I love you baby and wish you Happy Birthday from JM.

To all the other keepers who have protected baby and the body these 58 years I also want to wish you a Happy Birthday, though your birth dates are all over the place as you all came at different times over the years I wanted to make that wish for you and to also honor all that you have accomplished.

A lot of people have milestone birthdays celebrated, you know, sweet sixteen or 21 or 30, 40, 50, etc just for reaching that milestone. I want to make this Friday a celebration of all you have accomplished, overcome, become. By working together you have all protected baby as much as you could, you overcame a life of dread and sheer violence and torture emotionally and physically to become a system that offers other systems hope and guidance and a realization that all of the abuse and neglect and such can be beaten and you can become a better person than those who molded you or attempted to. I say that because they failed in their endeavor to destroy you. Yes they shattered poor baby into so many others but they did not beat you. Over time and many years of self help thrown in with some therapeutic help Keepers can proudly say they stood up to the family that created them and still tries to have its way with its children or cover it up. Keepers bravely reported them and walked away from the family, mother, father, siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles and yes even children. Some you walked away from as they would not change their ways, some because they refused to acknowledge what happened to you, its effect on you or what was happening to others in the family who were being put through the same terrible treatment. Some rejected you, some because they could not manipulate you anymore, you had moved past that point. Some separated themselves because you reported them and they knew they were wrong but did not attempt to reconcile and in truth I doubt a reconciliation could be made at this point without assurances somehow that they had truly changed. Others, I fear, walked away because of our association with others in the family and now do not know we too are separate and not in those lives anymore.

The point is you did the right thing, you took the high road and because you did you have lost a lot, a lot of family, a lot of “friends” who were really just more users. You had a rough road to go and over the years you survived, at times just barely, you were lost in self medicating and you overcame that. You overcame alcohol and prescription drug abuse. You overcame and escaped from one abusive therapist and several who were just terrible and had no real idea what they were doing.. Do you know I watched as you took in papers to therapists because they did not know what was out there about DID/MPD? How sad is it when the patient can bring in information the therapist has not seen or even tried to find?
Over the years I watched you do everything you could to keep everyone happy. That included your family and our children. You made very attempt by many different keepers to be what every one of them wanted you to be for them whether it was your parents or your brothers and sister or your kids or grandparents or whoever, even therapists. I watched you bend over and over to make them happy, and yes even bending and doing all you could to be the wife I expected you to be. I also was able to watch as you finally overcame all of us and became you, the collective known as Keepers who were finally strong enough and knowledgeable enough about the system to realize you deserved to be treated differently, to not have to bend to everyone’s desires and whims and expectations.. I saw you stand straighter and taller and more proud of yourselves than ever before. That is truly worth celebrating.

As I look at Keepers today I see someone who manages Keepers Korner and gives 110% of themselves to it. In my opinion every Keeper in some way contributes to bits and pieces of the entire operation. Yes many are behind the scenes but all are involved, some may be just by sharing their feelings and emotions to those dealing with phone calls or emails as you try to console someone or hear and understand what they are saying, while others create the artwork or write the blogs or put the words to the paper in their poetry or talk with Pastor about how to help someone in his flock. There is an awful lot of good Keepers do, and have done. The difference now is that I think the visitors to Keepers Korner and the callers who call appreciate what you do. Your children, your family, cannot appreciate what you do because they do not have it in them to help people unselfishly as you do. They are looking at “what can you do for me” while you are looking at “what can I do for you?” This is not a new concept for Keepers who have always tried to satisfy everyone else, the difference is now Keepers make their offers to people who need what Keepers offer and are not asking for it for their own selfish needs.

I hope everyone out there will join me in celebrating who and what Keepers are, especially on their birthday this Friday. They give of themselves to help others, as you try to make others lives a little better, to make a little more sense and to know that someone out there cares.

As the commercial used to say “You’ve come a long way, baby!” Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

Love you all